"You were made to do great things. Your entire family was. It's in your blood."
-The Prophet Tahmka, one day before Jason's death

Jason Reeve (October 17th, 2378 - May 23rd, 2415), or the Hero of the Sun, was the first Hero and founder of the New Union. Born human to parents Michael and Norah Reeve, Jason grew up alone in the slums of Berlin during the Galactic Federation Era. After living through the Battle of Berlin, he entered the military and was sent to Eris to fight in the First Galactic War. He returned to Earth in 2397 to dismantle the Galactic Peace Federation. During this time he was captured by Doctor Christoph Klaus and made into a half-mechanical cyborg. He started the New Union shortly after the complete bombing of Earth that was made in response to the civil wars and revolutions going on during the time. He lived to become debatably the most famous war hero of the New Union and to create a friendship with the Niobans in the year 2400. After living 15 years in the New Union and bearing two children with Emily Mourning, James and Erick Reeve, Jason died in a Blighted attack on the capitol of Eris in the Second Galactic War. James went on to become the Hero of the Sea. He fought and eventually killed his brother Erick, who had become the seventh Blighted Lord, the first human ever to lead the blighted army.

Birth and Adolescence Edit

Jason Reeve was born on October 17th, 2378 in a small town outside Berlin. He had two human parents, Michael and Norah Reeve, who were both killed by an unnamed assassin when he was only three years old. He was taken in by Shi'dan Kareis, who raised him as a child and acted as a father figure to him. Jason had a strong connection to Shi'dan. A connection that was broken when a group of soldiers raided his home when he was 13, and began beating his father to death. Jason escaped, only to see the lead captain of the squad instruct his soldiers to kill the man. Jason ran away to Berlin and lived on the streets working in manual labor for two years before his old best friend from middle school, James Dufraine, found him and took him in. They lived together for another 3 years before Jason finished high school, got his own house, and joined a one-year training course for the military academy in Berlin. After his training was completed, the Battle of Berlin took place, and Jason's future in the military on Eris began.

Tahmka and Ursai Edit

Just after the Battle of Berlin occurred, Jason and James met up with the prophet Tahmka, and the injured soldier Ursai. Ursai was actually Jason's old guardian Shi'dan Kareis, in disguise, attempting to protect Jason without putting him into danger. Shi'dan had survived the attack on him, but only slightly. He had lost his vision and acquired a large scar on his lower lip going down to his chin. His appearance had changed so much, from his physical strength changes to his battle scars to his hairstyle, that Jason did not recognize him, though he felt that he knew him from somewhere.

Military Career Edit

Jason accomplished many legendary feats while in the Galactic Peace Federation. He survived the Battle of Berlin, made one of the first voyages to the planet Niobe, fought in the first galactic war, fought against the GPF and nearly single-handedly took down the entire form of government, replacing it with his own. These are just a few of his feats in the military. He continued to start the New Union and lead the humans through the second galactic war.

Reunion with Shi'dan and DeathEdit

On the day of Jason's death, He found out that the soldier who had become one of his closest friends was actually his old guardian, Shi'dan. Shi'dan told Jason of his situation before Jason entered the final battle of the second galactic war, the battle of Hope's Peak. Shortly after learning of Ursai's true identity, Jason entered the battle of Hope's Peak with 4,000 other soldiers against an entire army of blighted. The battle was a success, though at its end Jason was pierced through the stomach with a pike wielded by the Sixth blighted lord, Zheik Dur'ol. Zheik was later killed by a barrage of blaster bolts. Jason's children lived on to wage war against each other in the third galactic war. Jason's legacy lived on for hundreds of years, until the destruction of Hope's peak and the other two cities of Eris that made up the political side of the New Union in the New Age War.