Illustration of one of the first sightings of Niobans. Here, a Nioban stands behind a human male figure.

The Nioban race is a humanoid race from the planet Niobe, the third planet in the Alpha Centauri system. The Nioban race fought against the humans in the First Galactic War, but later made a truce with the human race to fight with them in the Second Galactic War against the Blighted. The pact of friendship lasted over 200 years, until the Niobans broke away from the human race in response to humans continually taking advantage of the race's markets and the assassination of the Nioban king, Azurus III. Many Nioban clans still remain in friendship with the humans.

Appearance Edit

The average Nioban stands 6 feet, 5 inches to 7 feet tall. The males have a pale blue skin color with a rocky texture, whereas the females have a much darker blue or even black skin color with the same texture. Nioban males have short spike-like structures on the top of their heads that stick towards the back of the head. Females have similar spike structures, except they are shorter and move in a lower direction. Niobans have hooves and a large spike on the outside of their arm used for combat. they are also fitted with claws, used mostly for scavenging and hunting, or as a last resort in combat. Niobans have learned to speak english as a second language, but still prefer their traditional language, S'chartach.